Welcome Home Inspections

Here are your Slippers. Now Relax.

Welcome Home!
From the moment you call Welcome Home Inspections, LLC you will feel right at home. You will be greeted by a highly trained Office Staff that knows the inspection world. Many have performed inspections personally and are uniquely qualified to answer all the questions you will have.

The Inspection
Our Welcome Home Inspectors arrive at the home early to welcome you “home” as you arrive. Together you will tour the home from top to bottom. The inspector pays careful attention to those things that confirm your good choice, and those things you may have expressed as your special concerns.

Click the image below to see a virtual tour of the home inspection process.

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Education: Our Number One Product
Along the tour we’ll teach you how to best care for your new home, point out those things which may need some attention in the future, and make helpful suggestions you can use to maximize your investment. Our clients will learn everything they need to know to get the very most out of their inspection… and their new home.

The Report
After the inspection the Inspector will review the Report with you to make certain you understand everything. The Report gives easy to read details on the condition of components from the Roof to the Basement. Our Summary Page highlights those things we believe to be of greater significance and is a useful tool in your transaction. The Report goes on to give details of the conditions throughout the home and includes digital photos so a client can see exactly what the Inspector sees. Expect between 20 and 30 pages total. Then be sure to download the Supplemental to the Report. Think of this as a Home Maintenance Guide that helps you live in your home successfully. This Guide draws attention to those most frequently overlooked maintenance items so a homeowner can stay vigilant. Being a conscientious homeowner pays dividends back when one day You are the Seller!

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