Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Real Estate Inspection take?

It varies depending upon the size of the home, the number of issues discovered and the level of explanation needed for the client to feel comfortable. Plan on two and a half hours for a typical inspection but we will take as much time as the client needs. Adding Well, Septic, Water Testing, Radon Testing and Additional Outbuildings will increase our time together.

What does a typical Real Estate Inspection include?

We evaluate the Roof, the Structure, the Foundation, the Heating, the Plumbing, the Cooling, and the Electrical systems. We seek to identify Safety Issues, Liability issues and also things that may simply cost a lot of money to fix. We refer to the National Association of Home Inspectors Standard of Practice as our baseline however we actually look at over 1000 things on a typical inspection. Our Inspection Agreement provides very specific details so there is no misunderstanding later. The NAHI Standard can be viewed at NAHI.ORG.

Are you a member of any Professional Organization?

Yes. We are long time members of The National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI.ORG). In fact, through experience and testing we have earned their CRI Designation which stands for a Certified Real Estate Inspector. We are very active in the organization, including that we are Editors for their quarterly Professional Magazine, the NAHI FORUM.

Who is NAHI?

NAHI is one of the oldest and largest National Professional Organization for Home Inspectors in the country. NAHI is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year. While Peter has been a member of other professional organizations he has determined that NAHI’s vision and mission are more consistent with our values. Pete Founded the Rocky Mountain Chapter of The National Association of Home Inspectors more than 10 years ago and served as their President for 5 years. Pete was also elected to serve on the National Board of Directors where he chaired the National Marketing Committee. He remains committed to the mission and vision of the organization and encourages other Inspectors to come onboard for support and training.

What is Pete’s background?

Pete was a Real Estate Professional back in the 1980’s working with RE/MAX in Denver. Inspired by the need for and rarity of good Home Inspectors in the field Pete received extensive training at the largest Home Inspection School in the country, AHIT.COM. Eventually Pete worked as an Educator and Field Trainer for the same institution on their Denver Campus. Pete carries 4 Certifications from Heat Exchanger Experts, a Certification from AHIT.COM, an advanced Certification from NAHI and is current on all Continuing Education. Pete has taught in various venues including Pikes Peak Community College for a portion of a Real Estate Licensing Course, ENT Federal Credit Union’s First-Time Home Buyer Seminars, Local Inspector Chapter Meetings and does Business Development for new Home Inspectors. Pete has been inspecting homes for nearly 20 years.

Are you Insured?

Yes. Welcome Home Inspections, LLC is Certified, Bonded and Insured. This is a great question because only 10% of all Home Inspectors in America actually carry Errors and Omissions Insurance. Many claim to have insurance buy ONLY carry an inexpensive liability policy that merely provides coverage for accidents on the inspection. Like its name suggests, Errors and Omissions Insurance provides coverage for the mistakes the inspector can make and for things of significance that the inspector might miss. Even though our insurance is very expensive we feel it the only kind of policy that actually protects YOU, our valued client.

How long until I get my report?

Welcome Home Inspections, LLC builds your Report ON-THE-SPOT so when the Inspection is complete our clients will have their Report right in hand. No waiting for faxes, emails, uploads or delivery people. We also deliver your Report to your Agent and anyone else you authorize just with the click of a button. This is especially important to out of town buyers or to those trying to share decision-making with a relative who could not be present. We’re Lightning Fast. Including digital photos. Please Click Here to view a sample report.

Do I need to be there for the inspection?

No, we do not require you to be present. However it is better if you are. Welcome Home Inspections, LLC is in the EDUCATION business. While the Inspection Report is comprehensive it is only part of the benefit that the Inspection Experience provides. When the client participates in the Inspection, watches the inspector systematically investigate hundreds of items, and discusses issues including maintenance items with the Inspector, the client becomes comfortable with his new home. We encourage you to be present if at all possible. As an added benefit, our valued clients are less likely to feel confused later as to what was and was not inspected.

What does a Real Estate Inspection Cost?

Our Price for Service varies on the age and square footage of the home and on the services requested. For example though a 2000 square foot, newer, local home starts at $279. Our Price for Service for an average size Townhome or Condominium where an Association is responsible for the Roof, Exterior and Grounds starts at $250. We also inspect manufactured homes and 4-Plexes. We offer Environmental Radon testing, Well Equipment Evaluation and Leech Field Evaluations as well. Click below for an exact quote, or phone us at 719-622-8808 and we will help you. We are an Amazing Value for the Expertise we bring!schbtn